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Taking the leapHappiness

Transcend Language (see more photos here)

I found this link last week and it made me pause and realize that this could be me in six months…. Here is hoping that I have a smile and am surrounded by laughter like this woman is.

Last night I was looking at old photos and realized how different I look now compared to five years ago.  What will another five years, or 10 look like? We get all get old so when it’s time to go, if I can look back and say, “Damn, I had an exceptional life and saw everything I wanted to. I grabbed it by the hand and ran.”

That would be nice.

Packing and Planning

~ T-66 days

The countdown begins as I start planning and packing for my adventure.  A year abroad in Namibia volunteering through an organization called World Teach.

I have feelings of both anxiety and exhilaration running through my body.  As I plan for my trip, I continue to review the necessary oddities I may need such as a headlamp, binoculars, and a mosquito net for sleeping.  The cook and I made a list last evening after dinner and it revealed not as much “stuff” as I originally had planned.   Last weekend, we made a trip to the Army Navy Surplus store and I got an old flannel German button down shirt… seemed like an appropriate purchase. I suppose I will see once I get abroad how much use it actually gets…

Although no news regarding my actual placement I am keen to learn about the climate and people I will be working with once I find out.  Will likely find out next week or the following.