Patrick. Fellow Bostonian en route to Namibia!

On Monday I had the exciting opportunity to meet another volunteer going on the Namibia trip with me. I was really nervous about meeting him as I immediately thought he would be a snap shot into the dynamic of the group and essentially how I would feel/interact.

To say the least, we hit it off immediately and found many similarities as to the reason why we are both interesting in taking a year to tackle such an adventure.  Patrick went to Holy Cross and has been working in Boston for four years and decided a month ago that he was interested in doing the Namibia trip.  His eldest brother, who lives in California with his wife, participated in the World Teach program in Equator. He had nothing but wonderful things to say about his brother’s experience so he felt like this was the right decision for him as well.  We compared notes about leaving our jobs, getting sick, and culture shock.   Since then we have been staying in contact which has been quite a nice comfort.   I hope to have him over with his room mates before we leave on December 28th.

A friend from work came into my office today and asked what I was packing and I pulled up the list of items listed on the WorldTeach website.  I was reading that theft in the Johannesburg airport is notorious, and they suggested that not only you wrap your luggage but pack shoes in different pieces of your luggage to make it less appealing for theft.  They also mentioned putting socks or even underwear on the outside of your luggage….  I feel like if I arrive in Windhoek with my underwear hanging off of my bag, it may send the wrong message, particularly if it is this bag (below)



The cook picked it out obviously. I find out my placement next week so fingers crossed!