Rain, Rain,.. please don’t leave Uis!

This last weekend I spent in Uis just hanging out with the little guy Nelson and with the kids. Friday night, my parents graciously hosted a bonfire in the hostel for the girls and got them a bunch of treats including some cool drinks (soda) and snacks. The kids were elated at the thoughts and seemed tickled at the sight of all the treats. Saturday night, Loretta made dinner for Armas and I which was soo nice. I mentioned that I wanted to make egg salad, just because I haven’t had it in ages and when I showed up at 7p – there was the African version of egg salad which included some onions, meat (of course) – how sweet is she? I immediately burst into laughter when I saw that she tried to make it for me. I just adore her. I actually think she may come back home with me in August for a visit. I told her she should come for a week or ten days so it isn’t too overwhelming and she seems really keen on coming. I am thinking perhaps Boston for a few days and then up to the lake house…

So this week we have gotten rain.. wait for it.. 5 times! I know.. five! The kids love it and jump up and down when the rain comes and literally scream and run through it in the hostel. It is cute until they go on and on for about an hour screaming and then it isn’t so cute. Below I took a photo from yesterday while it was raining.


This week we also have track practice everyday at 4pm and when it rains I find that the kids especially love attending. Yesterday and the day before I went running with the girls… and by girls I mean on Tuesday one showed up for practice and yesterday about six showed up. Not the best turnout but I will take it! We had so much fun and then afterwards all the kids and I ran down to the river which was overflowing and waded through it. I had to hold Loretta’s hand the whole time because the water was coming up to our mid thighs and she cannot swim. It was awfully fun though. At one point, all the kids and I were standing in the middle of the flooded road and I looked up and saw Basil driving by taking photos of us all holding hands while the water was rushing past us. The current was so strong there were a few times I thought I might fall and be swept away but the kids all had my hands so even when I tripped the older boys had me. It was a really nice moment to spend with the kids particularly outside of the classroom.

When I arrived back at my hostel (while carrying one of the learners on my back because she didn’t have proper shoes for the rocks in the road) I decided that I would bath outside because as we know, I do not have a shower. The water pipe was coming down with such great force that I called my roommate to pass me my shampoo and conditioner and just stood underneath the water stream. The kids kept saying, “Miss! Miss! You are wild.”

My first shower in Uis… sort of. 🙂

I made it back to school in the evening and apparently African buildings are not suited for the rain. While I was sitting doing work, this happened. Yikes.


Swakop and Henties

I traveled with the Ministry of Education as they were in Uis all week back to Swakopmund on Friday to visit a few friends who were visiting the area. We mostly spent time in Henties Bay as it turned out. My friend Adar who is a pilot invited me to join the group of pilots from Wings of Africa. (http://www.flyinafrica.com) where you can book safari excursion and flights all over Africa. The photo below include Derrick, Sarel, (both South African) and then my friend Adar.


The owner of the company Dianne, has a beautiful house in Henties that is directly on the water. We enjoyed hard cider outside on the porch after our day of horseback riding and fishing on the beach. Dianne is one of the most gracious and generous hostesses I have ever met. She had all of the pilots take her Land Rover with her two St. Bernards from Windhoek on Friday all the way to Swakopmund to pick me up and then to stay for the whole weekend in her beach house. Friday night we had a braai outside and then enjoyed a late night swim in the ocean. On Saturday morning we woke up and took one of the cars to the beach and drove for 30 minutes right on the water to find a good place to go fishing. Still in the morning, Dianne came and picked three of us up to go horseback riding at her stable that she built in Henties. Being back on a horse, brought me back in time to when I was about 10 years old in Princeton. The horse I was on Queen took to me and we rode on the beach which was absolutely amazing. We got back and cooked a potjie (pronounced pjorkie) which is basically a gigantic caste iron pot over a fire and you add meat to the bottom and then add starch on top and finally vegetables but you never stir. The dish came out amazing. It is difficult coming back to Uis after being on the ocean every day on the weekend. But somehow getting back and seeing the little guy, Nelson and Loretta and Armas was perfect!!








Raining in Uis

Yesterday was the first time it has rained in Uis in over a year. Usually in the block, the girls are very rowdy at night. They yell and scream back and forth across the hostel after their study session that goes until 9:00p and typically don’t quiet down until around 10 or sometimes even 10:30/11. Last night while the long awaited showers arrived, the girls were finally quiet. I suspect they were quiet just as I was, to listen to the rain and relishing the cool air brought in from Walvis Bay. The front brought the temperature down to a chilly 65 degrees. I know all my friends and family are thinking that 65 is hot but when you have 85/90 daays, 65 is frigid.

It was utter bliss listening to the rain hit the tin roof above my head lulling me to sleep.