Newest classroom improvements

After our break this morning, I noticed one of my students wearing a watch. I wear my own watch everyday but asked him if he could tell me the time. I was flabbergasted to hear that many of my learners in Grade 8 are unable to tell time. Quite an “a-ha” moment for me. Albeit this topic is not addressed in the syllabus, I think my next visit to the store in Swakopmund will include the purchase of a few clocks for some of the classrooms. TIA.,336286643

Starting a Fundraising Page!

After much thought, I have decided to start a fundraiser for the school to raise money to buy books and teaching supplies. My generous parents sent over one package with some pencils and erasers as well as some colored pencils which are treated like gold here at the school.
This was incredibly thoughtful however they had to spend a fortune to send it here. Additionally, anything that gets sent has the chance of being stolen or lost as the post is not very dependable, particular in Uis.

Below I have started a fundraising page. If you would like to contribute thank you!!!! xx

School Competition, ze Germans and a little high

This last week was a long week but ended wonderfully because we ended on Friday with traveling to Okobahe. We had a track meet with three different schools, Dabasen, Martin Luther School and us, Petrus !Ganeb. We left early in the morning on Friday around 6am and arrived around 8am. I asked Loretta prior to leaving how many kids we were planning on bringing and she said around 40. I asked if we were going to be traveling in a big bus of some kind and she said, no just a bakki (essentially a pick up truck). I had no idea how all the kids were going to fit into one bakki but was eager to see these things work. The next morning, I walked out of my flat to find a gigantic Lorry (bigger bakki) and in the back on the floor were 10 mattresses. All the kids climbed on board and were sitting like sardines next to each other all in good spirits. Loretta and I sat in front and off we went. When we arrived in Okobahe, I looked at the program and we were supposed to finish around 5pm and I was noted as being a team manager, Ms. Cunning. I giggled to myself and showed Loretta and she said she told them my name was CuMMingS but then for the rest of the day over the loud speaker all I heard was, “Ms. Cunning” – I am rather cunning actually.


En route back, we pulled barely into Uis when the Lorry ran out of petrol – close call but that seems to happen a lot here in Namibia. I flopped onto my bed after a long long day.

Earlier this week, I had dinner with my friend Louis in town and popped by to say hallo to Basil. He mentioned that on Saturday a group of tourists were arriving by plane and if I would like to join him on an excursion to the mountain I was more than welcome. I left my flat at 8:00 and began walking to town which usually takes about 45 minutes. Within 4 minutes of leaving down the road, listening to music, a car pulled up and offered me a lift to town. I arrived at the restcamp and we left for the Uis National Airport. Airport security consists of Basil’s dog, Kalito and otherwise is just a long runway. The tourists were German and arrived in a small jet and were met by not only Basil, yours truly, and Kalito but a truck from Swakopmund that had 10 ATVs in it. The excursion they were planning was via ATV around Brandberg. Basil and I led the way in his Land Cruiser while the Germans followed behind us. It was clear pretty early on that most of the group had never rider at ATV and felt uncomfortable. We were at a snails pace and realized we may not even reach the mountain given the speed at which we were traveling. Basil was radioed around noontime that one of the tourist had fallen off their bike and no longer wished to ride. Rather conveniently, I was there to take it over!



It was great fun and I arrived back at the rest camp with the whole group and literally was covered in dirt from the road and jumped into the pool with all of my clothes on. It felt amazing. I finished the afternoon with a cold cider which was perfection. I walked home and then had to help with a School Competition that included all subjects. After being in the sun all day, it was quite the challenge. I also had promised Loretta that we would have a braai that night as well and I would bring a salad and some boervorsch. After my Saturday commitments, I was bereft of all energy when we ate dinner.

Earlier this week I also was told by Basil that his friend Pete, who owns the brick factory in Uis has a Microlight. It is basically a powered glider and he flies every morning 7am. While meeting the Germans, Pete was at the hanger and said that he would be happy to take me on Sunday morning. It was amazing!






Going Native.. Bushstyle

I got home after a weekend in Swakopmund to find that both Armas and Loretta bought a goat and a sheep and were slaughtering them. Sadly, I wasn’t able to see the actual kill but I did see the cleaning (thank you Uncle Derrick!) of the meat. Below I have added a few photos. They are pretty graphic so if you don’t like blood, don’t look at them.