“God I feel alive”

This week marks the beginning of the mid-terms for all of the kids. I still can’t believe how fast this trimester has gone by. Somehow the weeks tend to blend together due to the amount of content that must be covered during class time and the study periods during the afternoons and evenings. The mid-term weeks, in teacher language, really means no rotation. During a typical week, the kids follow a schedule just like in the U.S. and rotate between classes. Given that I teach 25 classes per week, I do have from time to time a few off periods. During these periods I tend to go check email, make coffee, de-stress, and organize myself for my next class. When the kids are not rotating however, there no off periods which results in constant discipline and exhaustion. Hmmmmf… only three more weeks though…

This week we finished up Grade 8’s topic on atoms. I think they came out pretty well. I encouraged the kids to use old bottles, trash, and essentially anything they could find. Below are a few of the photos. Not bad eh?



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