Sweet Bread

This past weekend, L and I got a sheep and I was 100% committed to doing the slitting of the throat all myself however when he arrived all chipper and wagging his little tail my heart sank and I locked myself in my room. Somehow I still haven’t shaken my love for farm animals. Perhaps it is because of all the pumpkin and apple picking we used to do as kids on local farms and after full cartons of big juicy apples we were rewarded with a visit to the farm animals usually having little ones run at their feet. Little did we know that that was Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner the farmers were fattening up. The realities of growing up somehow keep you wishing you never knew. Ignorance is bliss has never been more true.

So back to the sheep.. Oh yes don’t think we didn’t kill it – we did and then ate it. It was delicious and yesterday evening after sending the head away to a woman who apparently knows the art of cooking a sheep head brought it back to us. I watched with my mouth hanging open while L held the head in one hand and used a knife to cut pieces and then place them right into her mouth. I wasn’t feeling keen on the sheep eye however she insisted I must try the brain. I did the honors and broke the skull after refusing the encouraged tactic of reaching in the back and simply pulling out piece by piece.

The final verdict – not bad actually. Very rich and quite similar to the yoke of an egg. We also enjoyed the tongue quite a bit.


4 thoughts on “Sweet Bread

  1. OMG….am I going to have to watch you around my dogs when you come home?…..ha,ha…we are so insulated from the realities of life here in America…we just go to grocery store and there it is all packaged and ready for us to eat. Quite the experience you’re having my love…..can’t wait to hug and kiss you in 2 weeks!!!!!!

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