Unmapped Territory.

There is unmapped territory in all of us.

Last Thursday I was notified by WorldTeach that I had to leave Uis due to the violence and because the PeaceCorp pulled both of their volunteers from the site. The school was notified on Thursday late morning and by the afternoon I had all of my belongings packed and was in a car heading to Omaruru en route to Windhoek.

It is just so amazing how, at any moment, your life can seem normal and in a routine and perhaps mundane…. Then in the next moment, everything can change so drastically. With such short notice, I barely was able to say goodbye to my learners and colleagues.  Although, Uis at times, felt like I was trapped in the middle of bush, it was my home and I really did love it. I loved the solitude and being surrounded by the natural beauty of Africa and people who appreciate not who you know, or what you have, but who you are and welcome long talks and wasted afternoons by an open fire with no care except for the company in that moment.  People who don’t plan for the next job, next day,  what the weekend plans are, but are content with the present.
Now, in Windhoek,  I can’t help but miss everything desperately.  I was given a choice to be placed in another location in the Erongo region or head home. I thought long and hard about this decision and decided that I must come home, albeit two months early.  Now, sitting with this decision I feel almost incomplete. I committed to a year of volunteering and it feels like it was ripped from me. I know living here has taught me a lot about myself but also how to be flexible and to go with where the wind me.  However,  I can’ t help but feel like I didn’t complete what I set out to do.  I didn’t get to immerse myself for a full year without the conveniences of technology and the luxuries of home.
I already miss the learners’ faces and when I did get a chance to say goodbye to a few favorites, I couldn’t help but have tears come to my eyes. I will miss them a lot and know I must return to this magical place.
I just read this quote and loved it..
“When you think you have yourself all mapped out, there’s always an unknown path to appear. Take it.”

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